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As demand for Maine land grows, there’s increasing urgency to secure continued access for recreation and commerce; to preserve open, shared community spaces; and to ensure sustainable revenue streams for both local and state economies.

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In 1987, Maine voters overwhelmingly approved a bond to purchase lands of significance for recreation and conservation. For over 30 years, LMF has successfully crossed ideologies, party lines and motivations to represent and protect the essence of Maine — yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Public land access is the essence of Maine. LMF supports that legacy, securing perpetual land access statewide for recreation, farming, fishing and forestry.


Maine communities rely on public land as a means to explore, to engage, to reset, and to survive. LMF exists because some places matter enough to preserve – for generations to come.


From acquisitions and easements to cooperative ventures, LMF projects are economic engines that produce measurable returns – with long-term benefits to the people of Maine.

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Over 150 projects have been funded to date from the Land for Maine’s Future Program. Here are just a few:

Hunter Cove

Bald Mountain

Kennebunk Plains

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) Program. It was 1987 when Maine voters first approved a $35 million bond to purchase lands of state significance for recreation and conservation. The goal of the program remains the same now as it did then: To secure public access for recreation, to conserve our most important habitats, to preserve Maine’s farming traditions and to protect the natural infrastructure vital to both our sense of place and our economic future.

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