Jeff Romano

Wallamatogus Mountain conservation effort a success

The 336-acre property is on the south slope of Wallamatogus Mountain—or Mt. Togus. As visitors hike along roads through the blueberry fields, they are treated to spectacular views of Penobscot Bay, nearby coastal islands and the whole Bagaduce River watershed. There are also large areas of forest and wetlands around the field with a diverse range of habitat, and it is an important hunting spot for the community.

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Land for Maine’s Future puts focus on community recreation

“[W]e’re glad to see a focus on community recreation. While there are no shortage of places to be outdoors in Maine, not everyone has one nearby. Low-income areas particularly are short on green space. Regardless of where they live, people need to get outside. They need public space, with trees and fresh air.” – Portland Press Herald

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State budget includes huge boost for land preservation

Maine lawmakers included $40 million for land conservation in the state’s newest budget, one of the biggest cash infusions to the Land for Maine’s Future program since it started more than 30 years ago. The investment comes as record numbers of people visit Maine’s outdoors and pressure builds over development and preserving sensitive areas. The budget, which passed with overwhelming support in the Legislature, includes the largest appropriation ever for the program and the biggest single deposit since a voter-approved bond in 1999.

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